Downloading wxMacMolPlt

wxMacMolPlt is available as a source code tar file and as pre-built binaries for Mac OS X, Windows and several varieties of Linux. If a pre-built binary is available for your platform please try it first to avoid any issues with the build process.

wxMacMolPlt is licensed under v2 of the GPL. Refer to the LICENSE file in the source release for details.

Most of my development work is done on Mac OS X. Thus, that tends to be the best tested. If you do not see a binary for your OS here please submit a request with information on your OS and hardware architecture.

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Mac OS X

Version 7.7 is available for those with older systems:

Windows 64 bit

This 64 bit binary is built on Windows 10 with VS2019 on wx 3.0.5. The binary will ONLY run on 64 bit Windows systems (which should be most systems).

Windows 32 bit

This 32 bit Windows binary is built on Windows 7 with VS2008 on wx 2.9.1. I believe it will run on both 32 bit and 64 bit Windows systems both older and newer OS levels.


Binaries are available for a variety of Linux distribution. Often a binary rpm can be used on a version or two newer than the one on which it was created.

Source Code

If none of those work for you download the source code and follow the instructions below or in the INSTALL file contained in the source tar file. The prerequisites for building MacMolPlt from source are a working C++ compiler (g++ preferred) and a wxWidgets (version 2.6.3 or newer, but 3.0 or newer recommended) install including the development pieces. You can test for a working wxWidgets install using wx-config --version. If the response is 2.6.3 or greater you should be fine and you can go directly to building MacMolPlt below. If you have hardware supporting stereo display (quad-buffered OpenGL) you may wish to grab the latest wxWidgets 3.x release to enable stereo support in MacMolPlt. If your Linux distribution does not offer a prebuilt wxWidgets package, usually named something like wxGTK or libwxgtk version 2.6.3 or newer then you will have to first build and install wxWidgets. Follow these steps to build wxWidgets:

Download the latest wxWidgets source (2.6.3 through 3.1.5 have worked in the past). Unpack the archive and cd into the top level directory.

Configure wx to use OpenGL and unicode:
./configure --with-gtk --with-opengl --enable-unicode
make install

Note: You can install wx into a non-system directory, but that directory will need to be added to your shared library path or shared libraries disabled in the build (--disable-shared). If you get an error in the MacMolPlt configure step saying your wxWidgets build lacks OpenGL support first make sure that the directory where the shared libraries is installed is in /etc/ and then run ldconfig. You should only need to do that once.

Building MacMolPlt. This should be very straightforward.


If your wxWidgets install is not on your path add --with-wx-config=/path/to/wx-config
To install somewhere other than /usr/local add --prefix=/path/to/top/dir

make install

Note: The "make install" step is required as there are a couple of resource files that the application needs at run time to be fully functional.