Welcome to the home site for wxMacMolPlt. wxMacMolPlt is an open-source, cross-platform (Mac OS X, Linux and Windows) gui for preparing, submitting and visualizing input and output for the GAMESS quantum chemistry package. Features include a graphical molecule builder, GAMESS input generation, animation of output and visualization of molecules, normal modes, orbitals and other properties.

MacMolPlt is designed to be easy to use by the novice chemist yet has many powerful features that will be immediately indespensible to the advanced user!

Version 7.7.2 released September, 2021

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wxMacMolPlt is free and licensed under the GPLv2, but your input is important in determining what features are important and what OSs need to have pre-built binaries. To report a bug or request an enhancement please use the Issues tab and submit a new request. Please include the version of wxMacMolPlt and the OS you are using in addition to a detailed description of the problem.

Links are also available within the About box to report issues or questions.

If you use wxMacMolPlt for published work an appropriate reference is:

Bode, B. M. and Gordon, M. S. J. Mol. Graphics Mod., 16, 1998, 133-138.