by Brett Bode


Key Features:

Online Manual Sections:

General Description - General overview of capabilities.

Simple tutorial - A quick walk through of the program capabilites.

Molecule Editor - Introduction to the graphical editor.

Files - What formats does MacMolPlt read and write?

Surfaces - Orbitals, Total Electron Densities and more!

Windows - What do all those windows do anyway?

Version History - What has changed since the last version?


MacMolPlt is FreeWare. That means it is free, but if you use it you should let me know by sending me an E-mail: (Also send all comments and bug reports here)

Bugs can be reported via the Issues Entry Tab or via the user survey form at the web form. In either case please include information on the version of MacMolPlt and of your OS.

NOTE: I am asking only to get an idea of who uses my program and what they like about it. I won't pester you with ads or anything like that, thus you have absolutely no excuse for not dropping me a line . . .

If you use MacMolPlt for published work please reference the following paper:

Bode, B. M. and Gordon, M. S. J. Mol. Graphics and Modeling, 1999, 16, 133-138.

If you like the program send me comments about what you like and what you would like to see in future versions. If you don't like the program then chuck it, just remember the price was right!

Brett Bode is the primary developer of MacMolPlt with past contributions from several talented individuals including Chris Johnson, Song Li, and Steven Schulteis.

Requirements for Linux systems:

wxWidgets install with OpenGL enabled. (either from a vendor supplied library or source install).

Requirements for MacOS X:

10.11 and newer for the 64 bit (x86_64 or ARM) version.
10.4 and newer for the 32 bit build available for v7.7. No longer built by default.

Requirements for Windows:

The 64 bit version is built on Windows 10, but should work on all 64 bit Windows OS's
The 32 bit version is built on Windows 7, but is believed to work correctly on older Windows versions such as XP. (depricated as of v7.7.1)

MacMolplt (all versions) is available via the WWW at URL:

If you would like to be notified when new versions of MacMolPlt are available please subscribe to the MacMolPlt-announce mailing list. To subscribe just send an email to This list is only used for the announcement of new versions and is thus extremely low traffic.